As an essential healthcare service organization, our surgical equipment repair facilities will remain open to serve you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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biomedical Equipment RepairBIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT REPAIR

The Surgical Equipment People’s team of certified biomedical technicians are uniquely qualified to repair, calibrate and service most biomedical devices. Each repair specialist is trained in factory authorized courses and has extensive experience maintaining equipment.

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  • Cost-Effective All estimates are free and you’ll enjoy significant savings off the manufacturer’s repair prices.
  • "No Hassle" Warranty The Surgical Equipment People offer a 'no hassle' full warranty to all customers for each and every repair. This warranty ensures our quality of workmanship, parts and materials.
  • Quick Turnaround With your pre-authorization, most repairs are completed within 3 – 5 days upon arrival at our lab.
  • Free Loaners To eliminate down-time at your medical facility, The Surgical Equipment People offer a vast inventory of commonly repaired loaner equipment at no charge (first-come/first-serve basis).
  • Onsite Training The Surgical Equipment People will visit and educate your team about proper care and handling of medical instruments and equipment.
  • Peace of Mind The Surgical Equipment People carry complete liability insurance to ensure that your equipment is safe from pick-up until it is back in your facility.

We Repair and Provide Loaners
For The Following Products:

  • Light Sources & Cameras
  • Electrosurgical Units / ESU’s (Surgical Generators)
  • Infusion Pumps
    Baxter 6200, 6201, 6300, 6301, Colleague, Colleague3, AP2*, I-Pump*)
    Abbott Aim+, PlumXL (entire family), Plum 5000, 4100+II PCA)
    McGaw NXT, VistaBasic.
    Alaris/Ivac Imed/Gemini PC1, 2, 4, 2TX, Signature 7000 series (7100, 7200, 7130 & 7230),
    MedSystemIII/MiniMedIII (2860,2863,2865)
  • Syringe Pumps
    Baxter/Bard InfusOR, PCA2, 150, 150XL, 300XL, AS50, AS40A*
    Medfusion 2001, 2010, 2010i
    Excelsior ESP (both 60 & 140 models)
    McGaw/BD BD360
  • Pulse Oximeters
    Nellcor N20, N40, N100 series, N200*, N200 series, N395, N595.
    Ohmeda 3700,3740, 3760. Limited Parts Availability
  • NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) Monitors
    Critikon/Dinamap 8100, 8100T, 9300XL, 9340XL, Plus*, Compact*
  • Photo Therapy Units
    Ohmeda Biliblanket
  • Feeding Pumps
    Kangaroo PET, 224, 324
    Ross Patrol, Companion
    Sandoz Compat
    O2 Concentrators
    Puritan Bennett


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Surgical Light Source Repair

Electrosurgical Unit Repair

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Biomedical Repair


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